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PRINTER, PHOTOCOPIER, MULTIFUNCTION PRINTERSIf your printer unexpectedly malfunctions, we will respond to your problems within 24 hours. If you can be as specific as possible when describing the problem, we’ll be more able to pinpoint the error and bring the necessary parts to your location. Our service technician can fix the problem at your location, or if needed he will return it to our workshop for more in-depth repairs.

Our experienced and certified engineers can also help you manage and support your firewall configurations, as part of our managed firewall service.

The increasing sophistication of IT security threats is a constant danger to organisations. LANCAST help you to respond with the very latest tools at their disposal, we have a portfolio of industry-leading solutions that range from the latest firewall technology to the most effective anti-virus software.

Printer, Photocopier, Multination Printers

Each service call is a flat rate charge excluding parts:

When a printer needs to be serviced, it is usually the end result of an avoidable problem.

Having a printer break down on you unexpectedly could reek havoc in your work environment and cause many delays and frustrations.

By Having your printer serviced on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not it is displaying evident problems, could save you from the hassle of being printer-free for a day of more. Did you know that having your printer cleaned every four months or so could save you the cost of having the dirt in your printer interfere with other mechanisms, causing even greater damage and cost? Regular replacements of parts such as pick-up rollers and ozone filters, small and economical items, could avoid problems such as paper jams, accordion jams, and multiple paper pick-ups.